Friday, July 24, 2015


Seaview, Washington lies at the Southern end of the Long Beach Peninsula and has a population of about 500 people. It looks like a tired little town but the lodging is cheap. If you're active, it doesn't really matter where you lay your head.

I can imagine what this house looked like in all its glory. Now it looks run down begging for care. That's the way it is here and many coastal towns. There are extremes from one end of the spectrum to the other; run down shacks to multi million dollar homes.

Just a block down from this house was the cutest little yard with this adorable yellow bike. 

It is so dry and brown here, along with the rest of the state. Coastal towns don't water their yards because they rely on mother nature. It just seems strange to see everything brown, even the woody areas.

We drove past this place and had to come back around, just to take pictures. My husband was flipping out, he would live here if I let him! Crab pots, floats, ropes, and nets filled this entire yard. We couldn't figure out how to even get in there to look around. Maybe we'll try again another day.

Stay tuned for more of the area; Fort Stevens State Park, Astoria, Long Beach Peninsula, Westport, Cannon Beach, and Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.


Grumpy said...

Is that someone's home or business with the overflowing yard?

kden said...

It's a business and so cool!! We got in yesterday and bought a few things; only a few :)