Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fort Stevens National Park

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor activity. We headed through Astoria, Oregon to find Fort Stevens National Park. We only spent a little while at the Military Museum, rather wanting to see the beaches and the remains of the Peter Iredale which was a sailing vessel traveling from Mexico to Portland. As it entered the Columbia River, heavy mist and wind forced it to go ashore in 1906. There it has sat ever since. Parts have been removed over the years so this is all that's left.

Another cool thing we saw was where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. If you follow the line of the jetty all the way out, the river is on the right and the ocean on the left. That kind of stuff just fascinates me. I'd love to see it in action with a view from a drone.

And the lovely family of course :)

It was way past lunch time when we left the park and headed back through Astoria. We stopped at a place and sat outside at the base of the Astoria Bridge. It's cool to have lunch in Oregon and look across the Columbia at Washington.

This is a darn long bridge

Hello Washington!

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bill said...

Well 'hello you' and hello Washington. Good photos and commentary, as always. Your fridge would scare me.