Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Wizard

These are only pictures of the F/V Wizard taken in Dutch Harbor Alaska. When we got to the boat it was almost 9:00 am but it was still pitch dark out. It was a little hard navigating from one boat to another but finally we got to a door which led us to the wheel house.

It's smaller than it looks on TV and doesn't sit as high as I thought it did either. But it was cool looking at the instruments. And there's that famous cup of noodles. He's really superstitious and has lots of things on the boat to bring him good luck. Cup of Noodles is one of them. Or maybe it's for his chew......
Ichiro Bobblehead

This is what happens when Capt. Monty leaves his chair, the girls take over. 
The Discovery Channel had already been there and rigged up all the cameras, these are the monitors.
Just cute little things that people have probably given him.
Watching the guys work out in the rain while we're warm and dry inside.
Cute pictures that Keith's daughter has made for him to get him to quit the 'chew'.
Now on to the bunks. Got to check out where the boys sleep, ya know.
Looks like they got someone to keep them company
This must be the greenhorn room, they've got 4 of them stacked in there
Love the clothes dryer
This is where the cameramen sleep. The room is pretty large and the 'office' is on the other side of the room.
The Captain's quarters, right around the corner from the previous room. I'm astounded by the dirty bed, I mean really, get a woman in there to clean this place up. They leave in a few days and the whole place is a pigsty!
How about a couple of fun pictures of the bathroom. Can you say gross?
Glad they cleaned up the place for us. Check out the handle; it works, I tried it.
A giant grocery list. Check out how many rubbers they need, ha.
The hall where the get their gear on. It's is only a few feet wide and looks so much bigger on TV. This is also the area that visitors can sign. We grabbed a nice fresh spot on the air duct.
I waited a long time to do this!
Now, down to the galley. This is their kitchen, it's bigger than I thought it would be. Later, Lenny was cooking up a big breakfast for the guys.
Pretty clean actually
Lenny's very quiet and humble
The new cook?
No explanation needed
This was the funniest part of the boat. Getting off, the net was gone so they had to put the net back and rig up a walkway for Barb. She couldn't leap like I could. Jump or die!
Keith and Barb
Monte on the other boat putting the board down
Give her a hand boys
Yea, she's free!!
That's it for the boat. I'm glad we got there but am still disappointed that we didn't get to go out in some crashing waves. But still, I've been on a boat that not many can make the same claim of.