Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Was The Big Deal?

That's what I'm thinking now about Second Beach. I mean really, I've gone on and on about how hard it was, how high the driftwood was and how it about killed me.  Today,it just wasn't that bad. Sure, the legs got a workout and were a bit wobbly by the time we got to the bottom and I was glad I had my knee brace on.

But the whole experience was very pleasing and it was nice to be back.

It was cool, about 60 degrees at the trail head. We started out about 9:55 a.m. It was mostly quiet with only the sounds of dripping trees, crows, and a very unhappy chipmunk.

A little bunch of fungi growing out of a tree base
One patch of the trail it was very foggy. I just love this picture. So simple, but very dramatic.

Now, lets talk about the steps. My daughter and I decided to count them on the way up. We counted 128, give or take. They are mostly at the bottom though, so pretty concentrated. Some are short but some were very tall. It gives the legs a workout.

Finally we made it to the bottom, this is where our trek ended last time. We laughed as we got there. We couldn't handle this!? What a bunch of wussies we were. What was our excuse other than being overweight and out of shape? There had to be something!

This is the view from the other side of the logs. They weren't that hard to get over with several paths made from others winding through them. It was nice to get over and turn around to where we came.

The weather was cool and cloudy but still pretty nice. Some sun would have been nice but you take what you can get at the beach. It was more like a traditional beach too with a few rocks but mostly sand.

The tide was a little high and so we didn't get a chance to go through the little archway, that would have been nice. But we still got about an hour's worth of beach walking before it was time to head back up. We were a little tired when we got back to the car but not overly so. We felt very accomplished though! After eating lunch in the car we headed back to the cabin. Hubby and the Kid took a nap but not me!!

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