Monday, August 13, 2012

Marymere and Sol Duc Falls

We started the day Sunday with breakfast with Hubby's cousin and husband. They're both really nice people and we enjoyed our visit between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

After that we headed out of town and spent some time in Port Angeles. We drove out on a sand spit named Ediz Hook and could look across to Canada.

O Canada

Then it was on to Marymere Falls. The trail was narrow and had more steps than I thought it would, especially the closer we got to the falls. The steps kept going higher and higher and I was very glad I bought that knee brace.
View from the trail
Marymere Falls drops 624 feet and I can only imagine how it would look in the Spring with heavy runoff.
Marymere Falls

It's our Anniversary today, 30 years!!

We were pretty tired by the time we got back to the car. And hot, darn near 90, even in the cool trees. But we drove on to find the Sol Duc. The drive was deeper into the woods and was just as hot in the parking lot although a little cooler on the trail. This trail was wider and a lot easier to navigate. Sol Duc comes from the Quileute which means sparkling waters. We could hear it before we saw it. It's not a tall waterfall but is definitely more powerful.

Along the trail there were many little footbridges to cross little streams.

By the looks of all the moss on these rocks you can tell that at times there is a lot of water coming through here, now it's down to a mere trickle.

And sometimes the trail itself is just as interesting as the destination. Too bad I caught that dude coming around the corner.

Getting closer.......

The very top of the falls.

As usual, my shots are not near as good as my daughter's. She has a new long lens and is learning how to work with the shutter speed on water. But here goes.

It really does look better in person. This is a side view.

That's all the energy I had to take any more. By then it was after 4:00 pm and the kid wanted to stop at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort to look through their gift shop. We flew through there and then headed to camp. We pulled in at 6:00, unloaded our stuff, grabbed some dinner and sat around the rest of the night. We had only hiked about 3 miles but it felt like more. The next day will be a day of rest before we try to tackle Second Beach.

Our little cabin with the Dazed Two on the left. The couple next to us is from Spokane also and we met a woman on the trail who is from just a little north of Spokane; small world.

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James Wei said...

The creek, waterfall and foliage were all stunningly captured in your series.