Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back And Forth

Yesterday we just hung around locally. First we headed into La Push to look for our Quileute Indian friend. We found him right where we left him two years ago and we know now his name is Tom.
Was I right about his smoking hut looking like an outhouse?

Then he obliged me with a picture, but he wanted Hubby in it too.

Look at that one piece of dried fish ready to jump out on hubby!
 After we left with an armload of fish, we took it back to the cabin to put it in the fridge and went into Forks for some shopping. Two of the stores have closed down that depended on the Twilight fame to keep them alive. We didn't stay long, just grabbed some t-shirts,  groceries, and a cup of coffee with a bite of fudge.

We then went back to the cabin for some lunch and decided to go to Rialto beach. The weather was cooler, a little cloudy but the sun came out eventually. I grabbed some more round rocks so I could make a few more rock towers. I've given enough away to warrant making some more.

I still can't get over the size of the drift logs on Rialto, I think it's my favorite part because the beach is certainly not 'beachy'.

You can see the perspective of the size of the logs by my little tiny turquoise dot of a daughter trying to crawl over them.

Me and the Kid

I don't remember this log from before but I'm sure it just didn't land there recently. I got on it from the other end and it's clearly 5 feet across. It's amazing to know that something that big washed up hundreds of years ago.

I love these bare trees too

The beautiful sun is finally out
And here we have Og again trying to drag some driftwood down the beach to the car. I'm afraid there won't be any room for us on the way home. When I ask him where he's going to put it, he says in 'the yard'. If you look around Mr. Og, you will see that the yard is full of driftwood and if we ever have to leave our home, the driftwood will stay. It would have to take its own moving truck to take it anywhere.

After we left Rialto we went back to La Push to look at the marina. It's pretty small but it looked bigger from Rialto. If you stand on the logs you can see the marina in the distance.

While we were at the marina we noticed several houses on the other side of the street also selling smoked salmon. We went to one house and a nice woman came out to talk to us. We didn't bring much cash with us on this jaunt but she invited us in to show us what she had. Big fat pieces, marked at 20 bucks each. Hey wait! her pieces were twice the size as what Tom charged us. Oh well. She told us she was a Yakima Indian, but has been living Quileute for 40 years and her spouse was from New York. I don't know why, but that struck us as funny. He looked like he could have just walked off the set of Bonanza with his long black hair and bandanna on his head. Well, he did have those few eyebrow piercings so that must have been the New York influence ;-)  While we were in the house I looked around and saw not one empty space on the walls or tables. Every available space was taken by Native American pictures, trinkets, handmade dream catchers, etc. They live in shacks on the reservation and it's kind of sad. But they're very nice, humble people and I'm glad we stopped by. We bought one chunk then we headed back to the cabin where we had a wonderful dinner of smoked salmon!

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