Friday, June 29, 2012

Behind The Scenes Of A Photo Shoot

My husband and I had the utmost pleasure of accompanying our daughter on her Senior Photograpy Shoot. Boy, things have sure changed since my Senior shoot. We came from a small farming town, myself and two of my friends drove to Spokane to a Photography studio. There was probably only one in town and that's where everyone went.

Now, the sky's the limit on where you can go and what you can do in your shots. If you're in sports, you can wear your attire and go onto the field. If you're into cars or motorcycles, bring them too. But our daughter didn't have anything particular in mind so we headed downtown. Before we began though it was time for a haircut and style.
Crystal drug us all over the seedy parts of town, she's fearless. Plus she carries a big camera. I had my little camera too (along with pepper spray and personal alarm) and enjoyed taking pictures of the different buildings.
A lot of balconys kind of reminded me of New Orleans, even though I've never been there ;-)
Always been fascinated with fire escapes. I told Crystal she should stick my daughter up there.
This is called Graffiti or Glass Alley. You can only imagine the types of things there are in this place. Crystal exclaimed "Oh, they cleaned this place up last year." So apparently it looks pretty good, ha.
It is colorful!
I loved watching Crystal and taking shots of her taking shots
We were all looking for hand sanitizer when we left this alley
An old elevator shaft from a fruit and produce business
The door where the trucks would back up
Then we kept going and just let them do their thing. Crystal was very open to different ideas we might have. We picked some areas from other shots she had taken, but she didn't duplicate what she'd already done, she made them different.
Hubby and I saw so many different restaurants and businesses that we've never seen before downtown. I finally had to ask where the 'green door' was. It's in many of her shots and I wanted to go, but one more stop first.
I'm anxious to see which shots will make the cut
The cutest little patio belonging to a winery. While they were shooting, I was walking around the winery doing the same.
This place was so inviting
Mmmmmm, wine
The Famous Green Door!
Tired and hot, but still the shoot is only half over. We head out to Mirabeau Park. We've been there before so I didn't take too many pictures.
This is the meadow, you can barely see them way out there on the right, a tiny little white dot
This little fella just begged for me to take his picture
A cool ending to a long hot day
And now, the money shot. This was one of the last shots of the day from the meadow. I just love how she works with a picture to make it so spectacular. She put this up on Facebook late last night and we were thrilled and looking forward to seeing the rest of them
I just can't believe this is my little girl


Anonymous said...

Did you take this one, Kden? It's a dramatic shot. The unusual sky with clouds highlighted and side lighting on your daughter all combined to give the photo impact. Great.

kden said...

Thanks Bill, but sadly I did not take this one. This is one of the professional shots. One reason why I am not a professional.