Sunday, May 6, 2012

WSU/EWU Riverpoint Campus

This afternoon we had to make a dry run to a local satellite campus because my daughter is taking an AP exam there next week. We found the building she needs to go to easy enough so we decided to walk around and take some pictures.

I have no idea what all thse buildings are, we were only interested in the one we needed, but it is a nice small health science campus.

Trees in bloom

little man in a large marble chair

I love rocks!

Pre-college girl
Right off of the parking lot is a path to the Centennial trail. We walked a little ways to the East and then came back and walked West. If we had kept going we would have ended up downtown. The entire trail is 37 miles long and starts at the Idaho state line, is completely paved, with most of it running along the river.

The river is running really high this year which will be good for us this summer.
Beautiful day to sit on a bench by the river

I think I'll pass on sitting here
Today was the annual Bloomsday race and this house by the river had all of the past race shirts on display. It looked pretty cool.

I missed this the first time by, but saw it on the way back to the car. It gently rotates in the breeze.
I would love to have one of these! 

This is at the edge of the parking lot, it's a sundial that reads true solar time. It has little areas where you stand depending on what time of year it it and face your shadow and it gives you the time.

I have NOT gained weight!! It's just the angle of the sun on my shadow, I swear!


Anonymous said...

Ever hear a pictures is worth a thousand words. Got any witnesses? Saw a scene or two that reminded of Stone hedge. Interesting about that trail. Is that a college? o they have a school of Nursing? Interesting buildings. The little guy in the chair looks laid back and relaxed.

kden said...

Thanks for stopping by Bill! It is a campus, a small satellite one that offer degrees in nursing as well as other medical fields.

I've never been on that part of the trail and I'm amazed by how much of Spokane I've never seen before.