Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mirabeau Point Park

This was the warmest day of Spring yet, I think it reached 80! We took a drive to the Valley to Mirabeau Point Park. It's relatively new, with parts of it only a few years old. It covers 55 acres in all and sits where years ago used to be "Walk in the Wild", a natural setting zoo. It was so nice out there and hubby and I used to go often so we were excited to see the park.

There are three sections to Mirabeau Park, Meadows, Springs, and Discovery Playground which is a multi-sensory playground for all ages and abilities. We didn't go to that area and spent most of our time in the natural area along the river and the Springs.

I love all the flat smooth outcroppings. Daughter said they look like Manhattan Shist.

Hot and tired Nellie
If we go again, we'll leave Nellie home. It's hard to get places down hills trying to carry cameras, tripod, and dog leash. She's always ready to go but gets tired and hot quickly.

We didn't get to the Meadow either, it looked like just a grassy picnic area and we were hot and tired. Our daughter is going to have her Sr. pictures taken there in a few months so we were just scoping things out. So I'm sure we'll get to the Meadows eventually. Well that's it for the park, hope you enjoyed the trip!