Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Messin' Around

Every once in awhile when I haven't been able to get out and take any pictures, I like to play with a photo editing program to change up my past photos. I hadn't been to Picnik for awhile so headed over and found that the site will be closing in April and now even the premium features are free until that time.

My daughter and I had fun playing around with our shots; she's familiar with PhotoShop but I'm not. That's why I enjoy Pickic, it's really easy to change your photos with just a click of a button. Then I did some more searching and found another similar site that doesn't charge at all; Pixlr. So, below are some of my older photos that I've used either one of those programs to enhance.

La Push, Wa

La Push, Wa


Teenager in Love ♥

Daughter on the beach

Tide Pool

My older brother, with red shoes

B&B Farm in Idaho

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Nahalem Bay, Oregon

Uniontown, Wa

Uniontown, Wa

Uniontown, Wa

Christmas Lights in Poinsettias


Alexander said...

Very interesting experiment. Some very creative. I guess it is nice to explore different techniques time to time.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice, looks like fun. I like the stark, spar, dark photos. What's you call the place? Pixar? You got a creative bent.

kden said...

Thanks for visiting Alex. I sure miss doing the Friday Sky meme's. I miss all the meme's actually, just got kind of burned out on doing one a day.

Thanks Bill, sure love it when you drop by. Picnik can be found at: and Pixler can be found at:
Pixlr has 3 areas that you can work in, each one with it's own level of expertise.