Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockaway Beach

We finally arrived yesterday afternoon after a harrowing drive through Portland to get to Highway 26 to the beaches. We're from a moderately large town and the freeway seems so easy, but going through Portland is horrible. Things are not marked well enough for us hicks and although hubby is a good driver (most of the time) it's very difficult to navigate. I have to tell him where to go and keep him calm at the same time. We've decided that this will be the last time we go this way. I would rather go over the Astoria Bridge 5 times before I do this route again.

We just hung around in town yesterday, walked the beach, had some dinner and relaxed. We missed the sunset though and only caught the remains of the day. This was taken approximately 100 feet from our motel room.
Twin Rocks
This morning we walked more on the beach, it was warm and sunny and actually not windy, which is rare.

After lunch we headed to town, which is pretty small. The town has Highway 101 running right through it so they kind of split the town in half. One half on the beach side is mostly lodging and some rental homes. The other side has shops with the residential area running up into the hill to have a great view of the ocean I'm sure.

The first place we stopped was called Oregon Du Drops. It was one of the most interesting places I've ever been. A couple takes old lightbulbs and fills them with rain collected on the Oregon coast. The rain is dated and then the date of collection is engraved on the bulb. The bulbs are then topped with old brass bells.
Du Drops
They were pretty expensive but I bought a modestly priced one called an Elephant Chandelier because the bell tops were used on elephants during parades in India and that bell was put on a chandelier light bulb. So this is mine. You can see my daughter's reflection and the grasses in the glass. The rainwater collected for this one was in June of this year. I chose June for my birthday month.
My own Du Drop
After lunch we headed up to Cannon Beach for some shopping, surf, and dinner at Mo's, our favorite place to eat there. I ate too much though and feeling guilty about it.
Cannon Beach, Oregon
I honestly never get tired of this rock, on this beach, in this town, in this state. Never, never, never!

Back to the room feeling stuffed, hubby and I went for a walk. I saw this interesting tree which at one time had some kind of viney growth on it, which was probably cut away.
So now we're just hanging out just waiting to catch the sunset tonight. See you tomorrow!

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Moonwillow said...

I love the Canon Beach photo. Those boulders are amazing. The light bulbs are extraordinary too. I fancy rare artwork like that. Some people are so crafty.