Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cape Meares

Today didn't turn out as fun as I had planned. Like I could control detours, getting lost, cold wind and whatever else gets thrown at you on a trip. But first, a few sunset pics from last night.
Big Orange Ball
It ends, as a kite flies through
We had intended to drive the Three Capes Scenic route and end up at Cape Meares Lighthouse but because of a landslide earlier, there were detours which made us and many more get helplessly lost in the Oregon wilderness. Well, that's what it felt like anyway. What should have taken us 47 minutes, really took us 2 hours to get to the lighthouse. After all that, it was kind of disappointing. Plus I had woke up with a moderate case of Vertigo so that made the day that much more enjoyable.

Cape Meares Lighthouse is the shortest of all the lighthouses on the Oregon coast with only a 38 foot tower.

From the same vista point was this view of the Three Arches which provides protection for over 200K sea birds. In 1901 a biologist and a photographer started the preservation process to protect the birds after hunters would boat out to the islands and shoot the birds for target practice. Now it is illegal to be within 500 yards of the islands between May and September.
Three Arches
Also in the same area is the Octopus Tree, a large gnarly Sitka Spruce believed to be 250-300 years old.

Octopus Tree
After we left there, we headed to Tillamook and the famous cheese factory. We've been there several times so didn't waste our time on the tour. It isn't the same as it used to be anyway. But we got some smoked salmon and cheese for dinner. Oh and ice cream of course, got to have the ice cream.

One more rock picture, not sure if they have a name or not because after awhile everything just kind of blurs into one jumbled mess. But they were pretty and I wanted a picture.
After we got back to the room we watched a movie and then took a very brisk walk before dinner. And I do mean brisk, the sun is out but it's darn cold and windy. The beach was pretty deserted and it looked like a sand storm going on. Then back to the room and a dinner of smoked salmon, cheese, bread, and marinated olives. Holy Cow I'm full.....again.

Tomorrow we'll be hitting beaches, some new, some old.

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