Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pioneer Park Revisited

Last Fall we visited Pioneer Park but the Heritage Garden was closed for the season. Over the weekend we went back just to visit the garden. Our citie's Parks Department now owns the Garden which once was the most talked about garden in the early 1900's.

After it's declining state and then revival which finished about 2007, the park holds much history involving two prominent families. This was their own personal garden and although the residence is gone that belonged to the garden, it's a joy to walk around.
view from the top

view from below 
view of the city at the top of the garden
and the pond

This is not the prettiest building in the garden but I think it's the most interesting. The walkway to this building was called the Well Walk and the building itself was called the Well House. A pipe extended from the well and through the wall and supplied water for the entire garden. The stones were actually part of a house that grew mushrooms for the family, up to 6 pounds a day. They sure liked their 'shrooms. In the background you can see the top of the Tea House which Westerners called it, but we know them better as Gazebos.

On the way out and probably the highlight was spotting this little guy and his two kids. They were under some bushes and only about 3 feet away from us. We were quiet,  just putting our cameras over the bushes to try and get a shot. The little babies are above and a little to the left of daddy.

As we were leaving, my husband said that he was kind of disappointed by the Gardens and I had to remind him that just because it was not all that large, we had to remember that it started out as a personal garden and therefore was quite impressive!