Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Then And Now

  My Grandfather left a great legacy in the form of a photo album in which he painstakingly numbered each photo and then in a separate book, described and (mostly) dated all of them. It's a large book, having close to 800 photos. 
The one above is the house my Grandparents lived in from 1926-1936, so it is my Father's childhood home. My Grandmother on the porch is holding either my Dad or his older brother by a few years. Since this particular photo is not dated (remember I said mostly) I can't really be sure.

Yesterday it was nice so I got out to hunt down the house, it actually is not far from where I live. He originally had the wrong address so I pulled up to the one across the street. Thankfully I had the photo album with me so I looked at the book and back at the house. Boy they sure did a lot of remodeling I thought. Then I looked across the street and there it was, looking virtually untouched. Could be the same paint job for all I know. But it satisfied a long time curiosity and I'm glad I did it. From there they moved to a larger house a little further away. It's a house I remember the most though, so maybe someday we'll take a drive and I can get a few pics of it too.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to look back at those old photos and recall those memories.