Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Then And Now

  My Grandfather left a great legacy in the form of a photo album in which he painstakingly numbered each photo and then in a separate book, described and (mostly) dated all of them. It's a large book, having close to 800 photos. 
The one above is the house my Grandparents lived in from 1926-1936, so it is my Father's childhood home. My Grandmother on the porch is holding either my Dad or his older brother by a few years. Since this particular photo is not dated (remember I said mostly) I can't really be sure.

Yesterday it was nice so I got out to hunt down the house, it actually is not far from where I live. He originally had the wrong address so I pulled up to the one across the street. Thankfully I had the photo album with me so I looked at the book and back at the house. Boy they sure did a lot of remodeling I thought. Then I looked across the street and there it was, looking virtually untouched. Could be the same paint job for all I know. But it satisfied a long time curiosity and I'm glad I did it. From there they moved to a larger house a little further away. It's a house I remember the most though, so maybe someday we'll take a drive and I can get a few pics of it too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drumheller Springs

Hubby, Daughter and I have been trying to find places in town where we can go hiking or walking, take the dog, and maybe get some pictures taken. It seems our daughter has some kind of photography assignment due at any given point in time. This past weekend we went to Drumheller Springs Historical Park, a 12 acre natural habitat a mere 10 blocks from our house. I never knew it was there. I've seen a sign as I drive by but didn't know the park extended as far as it did. It was a great place for a walk our dog thought, and so did we.

My daughter and I got some great reflection shots with this amazing spread out tree in a shallow pond. The light was just right  and the water was still. Can you tell where the tree ends and the reflection begins?