Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Historic Garden

I love finding new parts of town that I never knew existed. Last month we drove to Pioneer Park with its accompanying gardens that were restored and finished in 2007 thanks to a generous benefactor.

The Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens were established in 1889 and maintained as a residential garden landscape for the prominent pioneer F. Rockwood Moore and U.S. Senator Turner families. After 1932 though, the property declined and deteriorated and for almost 70 years the garden lied buried by overgrowth. 

We had a major ice storm in 1996 and after the area was cleared, all was found again. Terraced hillside design, basalt rock retaining walls, rock stairways. reflection pools, a hillside tea-house, a garden conservatory and little parts of original plantings became evident.

Rock work was repaired and the original plant materials were reintroduced. Today the grounds are maintained by the Parks and Rec staff. Below is a picture of the rock stairs with the home owner Bertha Turner, circa 1911. Below that is the shot that I took of the same stairway.
It's so cool to walk in an area where others did so long ago. Unfortunately the park area was gated off and closed for the season. So we will definitely have to make a trip back in the Spring or Summer to check it out.


Sally in WA said...

This looks like a place I'd like to visit, too! Great shot!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, I'd love to visit there. I'm like you - walking in the footsteps of others from so long ago makes me feel somehow at peace.

Lovely photos, both of them. Your choice of black and white was perfect.