Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rialto Beach

Yesterday brought a cool day of 60 degrees, but the air was fresh and clean. We headed into Forks first to let our daughter do some Twilight shopping. It didn't take us as long as we thought so we decided to hit one of the many beaches and have a picnic lunch.

I loved Rialto Beach. It has a look of long ago and I couldn't resist thinking of our ancestors and what they thought when they came upon this beach. "Holy Shit!" comes to mind. Smooth weathered logs of all shapes and sizes laid as they did probably a hundred years ago. I have never seen so many large converged pieces in one place in my life. We were at a beach on Friday Harbor several years ago that came close but doesn't quite compare. Looking out over the pile of logs reminded me of an ancient dinosaur bone yard.
Another thing that was intriguing about this beach were the rocks. They were all flat, round, and smooth. Great skipping rocks but very hard to walk on. Nice rocks to twist your ankle on. We could see little stacks of them all over the beach so I decided to take a pile of them home for myself. There were no seashells of any kind though so I guess rocks are the next best thing.

I was also fascinated by the skeleton trees and loved how they looked against the sky. Strong soldiers still standing tall to protect their beach.

After a lot of walking I sat down against a large boulder to rest. My husband and daughter continued to climb over the logs until they could see the La Push marina and village. We will visit there too, but I prefer by car.

This is a beach worth visiting again, hopefully when the sun is out. We've got a lot to do yet and three more beaches to visit. They're actually called First Beach, Second Beach and Third Beach. Quite original, don't you think? Today we're off to the Hoh Rain Forest so be prepared for some great shots. I don't know who's going to take them, but be prepared!

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ethelmaepotter! said...

Wow, what great pictures! Those dead trees DO remind you of a dinosaur graveyard, don't they? Very eerie.

I love the photo of the tree with the smooth stones placed on top. Did you notice all the little round holes in the tree? Wonder if those were made by woodpeckers, and if so, when the tree was dead or alive?

The forest pictures are great, too. And like you, I wouldn't want to run into that giant in the dark. Looks like it could just wrap it's branches around you and you'd never been seen nor heard from again.