Friday, August 13, 2010

Lake Crescent and Neah Bay

Yesterday was a relaxing day of driving. We headed back toward Lake Crescent, then up and around the end of it to drive along the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Lake Crescent is the second deepest lake in Washington, measuring anywhere from 600 to 1000 feet deep. I can never do justice to lakes by taking pictures of them so I deleted what I had.

I was disappointed that we couldn't see much of the Strait because it was very foggy, but as we got closer to Neah Bay, I got these shots..

Entering Neah Bay

Neah Bay is the furthermost NW community of the United States and it lies in the Makah Indian Reservation. More smoked fish! We stopped by a building which had smokey goodness rolling out of it. This must be the place. We grabbed a sample and bought a small piece to throw in our ice chest. As I handed the package to my daughter she made a face. The shop owner said "She doesn't like fish, her lip curled about one and-a-half times." Boy does he know her, we laughed for a long time over that one.

You can see Canada in the background
Neah Bay is mostly a fishing village so there's not much to do there. We walked down to the marina and took pictures of old boats. Some don't even look like they are seaworthy anymore.
Older boats deserved an old treatment

We got back to the cabin about 4:30, got some stuff ready to go, had dinner and rented a movie to watch on the computer.

And now we're headed back home although we'll only drive halfway today. My husband has an uncle in the Tacoma area so we will stay there and try to meet up.

I caught a cold along the way so am glad to be going home. I'm sure our veggi garden is overgrown so that will be one of our first tasks. But more important is to go pick up our dog, I miss her bunches.


Grumpy said...

The boats in b&w is the best. I love that picture.

Claire King said...

Wonderful pics kden. I know exactly where you are. I've been to Neah Bay a few times. I figured you lived in Eastern Wa.(?)I bet I even know the city or area as my daughter attended Gonzaga and you have referenced "the valley" in your posts.

kden said...

Yep Claire, I think you've got it. I live on the "North Side" and the snobby rich people live on the "South Hill."