Thursday, August 12, 2010

First, Second, and Third Beach

Yesterday was another exhausting day. I was looking for some leisurely walks on the beach but the walks TO the beach just about killed me off.

We headed into La Push, which is in the Quileute Indian Reservation and bought some fresh smoked salmon. I mean, you can't go to a reservation and NOT buy any. We followed the signs and pulled into a driveway next to a dilapidated old house. My daughter was afraid to get out of the car. This guy comes out holding a pan of wonderful looking salmon. He points to smaller pieces and says that they're 5 bucks each, the larger ones are 10. My husband pulls out his money clip which had a few big bills in it. All of a sudden the smaller pieces are now 10 bucks and the bigger one 20. Oh well, we bought two small ones.

Too foggy to get a shot of anything else but the kid
Then we headed off to First Beach which was not all that impressive. It was a grey cool day which made everything very dreary looking so we didn't stay long. The only thing nice about this beach was the cute little girl on the log ;-)

We were talking to some people about Second Beach. They said it was very beautiful so off we went. We could tell by the way the parking lot was situated that we would have to walk a trail before we got to the beach. We just didn't know how long or hard it would be. None of the people coming out told us to run for our lives, so we continued.

Don't let the beauty fool you
The walk was so beautiful, cool, and green. I'd say it compared to the Rain Forest in beauty. First it was up, up, up, and then it flattened out for quite awhile. Then the decent started on hand made steps pounded into the dirt which was very muddy in places. We'd pass people and ask 'are we close?'. They'd reply 'you're almost there', in a sing-song voice which meant they were lying.

I don't mind hiking on all flat surfaces but can't handle the up and downhill parts. Even when I was thin, this was not my favorite activity. So if someone had told me how difficult this trail was I would not have gone. The steps were killing my knees and I had to stop several times. I had a jacket that I took off, as well as my husband's sweats over my shorts. Fifty degrees out and I was sweating.

We could hear the ocean approaching and as we finally reached the bottom we encountered a ......log jam. Are you kidding me? It took us 45 minutes to reach the beach and we're stopped by a log jam? Serious timber here, not just little logs you can step on or over. Giant trees that you must climb over to reach the beach. I almost cried.

I'm not climbing that!
I sat on the first log I encountered and took 2 pictures, that was it. I wasn't going any further. My husband climbed over them but my daughter and I sat and rested. Then the torturous climb back up those stairs began. I rested several more times but I could hear my husband huffing and puffing behind me so I wasn't the only one.

Another 45 minutes later we hear traffic. We were never so happy to hear noisy traffic in our lives. As people passed us now, we warned them. Nobody turned around, but I can tell they thought about it. As we got into our car I saw a family with a stroller head to the trail. Ah......let them figure it out for themselves I thought in a sing-song voice.

We drove to the Third Beach and had our lunch in the car. Yummy expensive smoked salmon, crackers and cheese. It was a unanimous decision to not do this trail. I read later it was flatter but longer, 1.5 miles while the mountain we just crossed was only .6. I don't believe that.

I've got plans for you my pretty
We came back to the cabin and rested a bit and then went back to Rialto to take some rocks home. The tide was high and crashing so we just walked a bit, then sat on a log and enjoyed the scenery.

We then headed back to the cabin to rest a bit more before going to dinner. As we went to dinner I noticed that every time we got back in the car yesterday our enthusiasm was waning.

Tomorrow we will do a leisurely drive in the morning, have dinner close by and then get packed to leave Friday.

I hear that it will be in the 90's when we arrive back home this weekend so we better soak up this cool air while we can.

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