Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Long Beach

On this day we didn't travel far, just up and back on the peninsula. Long Beach Peninsula is touted to have the longest beach in the world at 28 miles.

There are 6 small communities on the peninsula and we drove through all of them. It's been years since we have been here. Our daughter hates this story but this is where she was conceived. We spent Thanksgiving of '94 here. So now, try to get that picture out of your head :)

The first place we went to was the Cranberry Museum. We were able to walk around the bog beds. I've never seen them grow before and always thought they were a bush. They are actually a vine which takes 3 years to mature and grow fruit. These cranberries are sold to Ocean Spray. The bogs themselves just look like weedy patches of a field, but when you look closer you're able to see the berries on the vines.

Bogs to the left and right

What's in this field could very well be on your Thanksgiving table this fall
Ready to harvest in October
After we left the museum we drove by this huge pile of oyster shells. They still process oysters from beds there. My daughter and I just jumped out of the car for a few quick pics. The smell was, uh...pretty strong to say the least. Check out the crows on top trying to get the last bits out of them. Yuck!

Our last stop before heading back to the cabin was the place I took pictures of the other day of everything nautical. He was open this time so we got to go in. The inside was just as cool as the outside. We love old floats and these were about 135.00 each.

When we saw these the other day we were trying to figure out what they were. All I could think of was bee houses. But they are bait boxes for crab pots. I should have known that, right?? We got two of them to hang with the rest of our stuff at home.

From the inside looking out

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fort Stevens National Park

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor activity. We headed through Astoria, Oregon to find Fort Stevens National Park. We only spent a little while at the Military Museum, rather wanting to see the beaches and the remains of the Peter Iredale which was a sailing vessel traveling from Mexico to Portland. As it entered the Columbia River, heavy mist and wind forced it to go ashore in 1906. There it has sat ever since. Parts have been removed over the years so this is all that's left.

Another cool thing we saw was where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. If you follow the line of the jetty all the way out, the river is on the right and the ocean on the left. That kind of stuff just fascinates me. I'd love to see it in action with a view from a drone.

And the lovely family of course :)

It was way past lunch time when we left the park and headed back through Astoria. We stopped at a place and sat outside at the base of the Astoria Bridge. It's cool to have lunch in Oregon and look across the Columbia at Washington.

This is a darn long bridge

Hello Washington!

Friday, July 24, 2015


Seaview, Washington lies at the Southern end of the Long Beach Peninsula and has a population of about 500 people. It looks like a tired little town but the lodging is cheap. If you're active, it doesn't really matter where you lay your head.

I can imagine what this house looked like in all its glory. Now it looks run down begging for care. That's the way it is here and many coastal towns. There are extremes from one end of the spectrum to the other; run down shacks to multi million dollar homes.

Just a block down from this house was the cutest little yard with this adorable yellow bike. 

It is so dry and brown here, along with the rest of the state. Coastal towns don't water their yards because they rely on mother nature. It just seems strange to see everything brown, even the woody areas.

We drove past this place and had to come back around, just to take pictures. My husband was flipping out, he would live here if I let him! Crab pots, floats, ropes, and nets filled this entire yard. We couldn't figure out how to even get in there to look around. Maybe we'll try again another day.

Stay tuned for more of the area; Fort Stevens State Park, Astoria, Long Beach Peninsula, Westport, Cannon Beach, and Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ohme Gardens

On our recent trip to Leavenworth, Washington, we made a stop at Ohme Gardens. We've driven by for many years always saying that we'd have to go some day. Unfortunately I think we went on one of the hottest days of all time, or so it felt.

It was about 11:30 am when we got there so decided to have our packed lunch first. I had read reviews saying to wear good shoes because the walkways are made of rock and many levels of ups and downs are throughout the park.

The mere thoughts of the Gardens were started in 1929 when a couple from Germany bought the 40 acres and envisioned their homeland in the barren hillside. It really only began as a family retreat but friends and community members suggested they open it to the public. The family ran the Gardens for 42 years until Mr. Ohme died at the age of 80 in 1971. His son ran it for 20 years and then it was sold to the Washington State Parks and Recreation but is now owned by Chelan county.

typical walkway

There are many pools and what they call waterfalls. I would call them trickles, but they're still pretty. There are also many stone benches along the way to sit and rest. It was so darn hot that we took advantage of that a lot.

There was a map we could follow and trails were marked either 'easy' or 'hard'. Since it was so hot, we took the easy way out. The view was still pretty of Wenatchee and the Columbia river below.

There were several vista points and you never knew where you were going to end up with all the twists of and turns of the paths.

We stopped to rest our weary hot bones and a nice couple offered to take our picture. If no one is around, one of us is usually left out.

I'm glad we went but I just don't think we really were able to take advantage of the whole beautiful park. I bet it has many different looks throughout the year. I doubt that we'll ever go back; we've got a whole lot more to do on our bucket list.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Palouse Falls

Last weekend we had great weather and took a 2 hour drive to the famous Palouse Falls, which seems to appear out of nowhere. The falls is on the Palouse River, upstream from the confluence with the Snake. If you look it up on Google Earth, it's really amazing to see this 200 feet falls. At first all you see is solid brown but as you zoom in closer and closer it will appear as a big hole in the earth. When we got out of our car I could hear it and just a short walk to the edge gave us this magnificent view. For years it was called Aput Aput which means falling water. In 1951 it was changed to commemorate the Palouse Indians.

We walked around the upper edge so we could get several vantage points. I felt bad for my daughter because she packed her camera and tripod and forgot her memory card at home. This is very frustrating for a photographer. So I had to make up for it. These are a few of the basalt spires that form the canyon. It's amazing to think that this area was once covered in water. Four years ago a young man actually took his kayak over the falls and lived to tell about it. It can easily be found on YouTube.

After the falls, the water calmly flows away

I was especially intrigued by what they call Castle Rock, a fascinating set of spires that sits just left of the falls. This is a view from the distance.

And this is a close up. As we walked around to the other side I could see it from above. Sure wouldn't want to fall on it!

This is a place I've wanted to go to for a long time and it ranks up there with one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. In every photo, we noticed the trails way down below and just couldn't figure out how people got down there. We would like to go back someday, without our dog, so we can try our hand at getting a closer look. Maybe.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Wizard

These are only pictures of the F/V Wizard taken in Dutch Harbor Alaska. When we got to the boat it was almost 9:00 am but it was still pitch dark out. It was a little hard navigating from one boat to another but finally we got to a door which led us to the wheel house.

It's smaller than it looks on TV and doesn't sit as high as I thought it did either. But it was cool looking at the instruments. And there's that famous cup of noodles. He's really superstitious and has lots of things on the boat to bring him good luck. Cup of Noodles is one of them. Or maybe it's for his chew......
Ichiro Bobblehead

This is what happens when Capt. Monty leaves his chair, the girls take over. 
The Discovery Channel had already been there and rigged up all the cameras, these are the monitors.
Just cute little things that people have probably given him.
Watching the guys work out in the rain while we're warm and dry inside.
Cute pictures that Keith's daughter has made for him to get him to quit the 'chew'.
Now on to the bunks. Got to check out where the boys sleep, ya know.
Looks like they got someone to keep them company
This must be the greenhorn room, they've got 4 of them stacked in there
Love the clothes dryer
This is where the cameramen sleep. The room is pretty large and the 'office' is on the other side of the room.
The Captain's quarters, right around the corner from the previous room. I'm astounded by the dirty bed, I mean really, get a woman in there to clean this place up. They leave in a few days and the whole place is a pigsty!
How about a couple of fun pictures of the bathroom. Can you say gross?
Glad they cleaned up the place for us. Check out the handle; it works, I tried it.
A giant grocery list. Check out how many rubbers they need, ha.
The hall where the get their gear on. It's is only a few feet wide and looks so much bigger on TV. This is also the area that visitors can sign. We grabbed a nice fresh spot on the air duct.
I waited a long time to do this!
Now, down to the galley. This is their kitchen, it's bigger than I thought it would be. Later, Lenny was cooking up a big breakfast for the guys.
Pretty clean actually
Lenny's very quiet and humble
The new cook?
No explanation needed
This was the funniest part of the boat. Getting off, the net was gone so they had to put the net back and rig up a walkway for Barb. She couldn't leap like I could. Jump or die!
Keith and Barb
Monte on the other boat putting the board down
Give her a hand boys
Yea, she's free!!
That's it for the boat. I'm glad we got there but am still disappointed that we didn't get to go out in some crashing waves. But still, I've been on a boat that not many can make the same claim of.